Things That Unite #45 And His Supporters

There is a symbiotic relationship between #45 and his supporters. They cheer him on as he attacks people, institutions and anyone with the unmitigated gall to challenge his sovereign rule. He is currently in the process of clearing the White House of any any disloyal employees as the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas compiles lists of names of disloyal, i.e. nonpartisan government proffessionals and provides them to the Administration. No worries unless you’re on 5th Avenue or remember the Mc Carthy era. This White House resident has a gun and has no problem wielding it. His supporters celebrate his innacurate statements and outright lies in rallies and press conferences. They repeat his nonsensical rationalizations. Here’s why they will be cemented together long after he leaves office.

1. They’re Singularly Focused
The Senate votes on the Impeachment trial are the most recent example of their, “Win at all costs” approach.
GOP Senators twisted themselves into pretzels for fear of #45’s wrath. Retiring Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander gave Senators up for reelection in 2020 cover by saying the (Impeachment triggering) phone call to the Ukrainian President was far from, "Perfect”, it was wrong.
The self-preserving concern about Susan Collins (Ma), Cory Gardner (Co), John Cornyn (Tx), Martha McSalley (Az), Mitch McConnell (Ky), Thim Tillis (NC) and Lindsey Graham (SC) reelection with #45 keeps #GOP hostage and voting in line with him. When interviewed on the reasons for their support, they answer seemingly as if they all recieved the same memo, "His actions were wrong but not impeachable". When asked about all the reasons he has become less attractive to the masses or can’t rate higher than 48% approval, they excuse, even dismiss his words and actions. Basically, the racism is cool. So is the misogyny. Just keep putting more judges on the bench. Float the possibility of a second tax cut for wealthy donors and corporations. Some will even argue he isn’t racist. Remember the "deer in headlights" responses for his embrace of white supremecists marching in Charlottesville, Va to, "Blood and Soil" and “Jews will not replace us" chants while dressed comfortably in their khakis and golf shirts? While #45 is the President of the whole country, his policies reflect his business and personal endeavors, the desires of the one percent and his intense resentment for his predecessor, the 44th President, Barack Obama. His supporters echo the very same sentiments to the letter.
Characterizing himself as the master negotiator he has destabilized, our global relationships with allies and enemies alike.
 White evangelical leaders that support #45 overlook the impact of the GOP’s anti-safety net policies have on their often working poor congregations agreeing with his, "Jesus said I am the chosen one for this time" comment. As a Christian I am reminded God’s revelation is made clear to some, not all who believe. Maybe when I get to Heaven, he will be there in one of his poorly designed suits. Until then I watch in amazement.
Companies have fewer EPA regulations to follow resulting in unhealthy drinking and bathing water in rural and small cities everywhere yet he is, “Making America great again". People that describe themselves as "Conservative" often are anti-abortion (pro-life) while support life altering family separation at the border and the death penalty. Somehow when asked about these conflicts, we see facial expressions reflecting annoyance with the media’s choice to ask detailed questions that probing past current comfort levels. All in all the bottom line is, "I win, you lose".

2. Misdirected Anger
Instead of directing anger at the creators of laws that benefit corporations over workers, #45’s supporters attack regulations created to protect them or the people willing to accept jobs under sub-human, often deplorable wage and working conditions just like their President. In his first press conference on the newly arrived Coronavirus on American soil, #45 hits “play” and the next sound you hear is the familiar tune of anti-Democrat commentary about Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the party’s efforts to thwart the effoert of the most accomplished organization in history. Were we assured about the preparation for this new virus, no. During a time where there is the threat of a virus that could take 9 months minimum to create a vaccine, the leader of the free world rags on his political opponents.
The anger too often is coupled with an "us vs. them", scorched earth scenario pointed at Latinx’ers seeking asylum, non-whites taking "their" jobs and the frustration with social pressures to respect others they call having to, 'Be politically correct". #45 and some of his GOP elected supporters' contempt is united towards anything (or anyone) they perceive to be in the way of their comfort or progress, not the actual cause of longtime problems in America..

3. Fear of The Inevitable
Statistics reveal by 2030, non-white people will be the majority population. For many Americans this causes no alarm. For others pro-#45 voters and elected officials, this evokes fears ranging from a percieved loss of social privilege to, "What happens if they think of me the way I have always thought of them?". Ideas like this hide behind (and justify) the insertion of race into any issue, further dividing people solely along racial lines. The numerous events captured on video by camera phones nationwide documenting white rage leveled toward black people for sleeping. walking. barbecuing and just plain waiting outside an apartment building have risen to unreasonable proportions. These shockingly regular events reveal a lack of rational thinking and unexplained panic by average white Americans that refuse to explain the beliefs behind these aggressive acts that reject the existence of black and brown people. In addition, the idea that one would call the police on Black and Brown Americans as if their mere existence is unlawful suggests a sinister level of panic fueled by systemic racism brewing right below the surface of the hearts of many Americans. It would be intellectually dishonest for me to act as if I needed to know, "What is in the heart of a person" before I cited racist acts. I know racism well enough not to play that lose-lose game.

4. Political Dominance
Since the arrival of kidnapped Africans on the shores of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, the political and social construct created benefitted people classified as "white" over every other. Every law created before and after Reconstruction excluded input from Black, Brown and Indigenous people until the “Firsts” were voted into office. During the period of more than 80 years of Jim Crow laws, many enjoyed privileges created for whites only. More statues celebrating the (losing) Confederacy were built during this period than any other. 1952’s Brown v. Bd of Ed case began a slow and painful effort to use law to equalize citizenship in every area of life. Characterized as slow because of the continuous and powerful anti-equality resistance on local, state and federal levels. #45 and many of his supporters seem to suffer no guilt in their efforts to win at all costs, ignoring the political and human casualties. Today’s more politically astute tacticians have succeeded in manipulating narratives and creating dialogues that redefine norms and practices while keeping antiquated racist laws on the books for use at will and frequently leveraged against black and brown citizens..
Some support #45 for corporate tax breaks, some to ensure Conservative judgeships (currently totaling a historic 200 in 3 years), some align with him against any Democratic leadership possibility at all. No matter the reason all result in keeping a political slowdown on progress toward equality in America.

5. Racism
Media, political, corporate and social pressures against the very idea of discussing "What’s racist" have joined #45 and many of his followers like Siamese twins. The 30 plus year destruction of government EEO offices and practices is a result of systemic racism’s attachment to American society. Subsequently, kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance can be misconstrued as disrespectful to the flag vs a peaceful protest of police injustice toward black and brown people thereby muting the important national conversation about equal justice under the law. They both enjoy their racism and wield it against criticism with wild abandon. It makes them patriotic while marginalizing the "other" who dare to inhabit their land and complain about America’s greatness. People who experience overt racism know the perpetrators are misinformed and just blatantly resistant to exercising critical thinking when it comes to assessing the motives and actions of anyone not classified, "White". Organizations like E. Pluribus Unum, National Urban League and the Pew Research Center have collected startling data on American thoughts and beliefs about race. In addition data on wages, employment, health and wealth display shocking disparities by race you will never hear discussed as part of a , "How do we improve together?" dialogue. Ergo, ignoring the impact of racism is by its action, racist. #45 and his supporters will remain together longer than his stay in the White House because the hesitation media and those paid to appear and contribute opinions are loathe to make these obvious connections for fear of being dragged on social media, the loss of business opportunities, being labeled, “Difficult to work with" or possibly the subject of a deluge of complaints to the network or parent company. One of the most consistent defenses against #45’s House Impeachment inquiry vote, conviction and Senate trial included the statement, "They hate us. All 63 million of us." Really? I don’t. I just know what racism looks and sounds like. Abandoning what we know about American history, sich statements have incited anger and violence since the Confederates lost the Civil War, yet #45 and his supporters state it and in the same breath dismiss it as political rhetoric-until something happens.

You may read this amd think to yourself, “Every vote for #45 is not the same". I would agree. That said the lack of active consciousness to the levels of systemic racism that exists in many Americans is a direct hindrance to self realization and honest social reconciliation.

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