A Few Things About Media And Politics

In a world where we are inundated with information, separating what we hear that impacts our lives from items with intentionally distracting narratives fed to media contacts from Congressional assistants and special interest groups, the desire to sift through it all can be daunting. Coming into 2021 after 4 years of successful disinformation with the past year adding the Covid experience, we all are deciding what to take in and what to avoid. In your efforts to stay updated, here is a north star to assist you in contextualizing what you will hear…

By Michael A. Canty

In hindsight, the possibility of anyone replacing #45 was quite exciting. My concerns for the ability to tackle difficult issues like equal rights and consequences for police misconduct increased due to the silence of the Republican Party and the encouragement of police to “carry on” from their leader in the White House. I felt the necessity to publish an open letter to the frontrunner of the Democratic contender for President, former VP Joe Biden. I was quite conflicted and found it necessary to directly express my concerns on his candidacy’s impact on the lives of Black…

We Need A Captain America Espionage Team Movie From Marvel

Every Marvel movie cannot be the size (and cost) of the Avengers series. That said, fans have expressed a burning need to see more Marvel teams.
Although MCU solo movies usually include more than one hero, there is no group dedicated to global espionage like the now defunct (Hydra infested) S.H.I.E.L.D.
Remember Captain America: Civil War?
The group imprisoned on The Raft for a short period of time could challenge any threat to modern civilation and it is time we saw them conquer a few. We know Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch is busy…

About Last Night: The South Carolina Democratic Primary


This article will not reference any current candidate as it is meant to address issues concerning Black voters, interpreting the state’s results overall and an analysis of the political and social climate in South Carolina.

1. The Palmetto State Is “Never-Blue

Since 1964, the state has consistently voted for a Republican president excluding 1976 when Jimmy Carter won. When President Obama was on the ticket he won both primaries but lost the state in the general election. To view the results of the most recent Democratic primary as decisive is wishful…

Things That Unite #45 And His Supporters

There is a symbiotic relationship between #45 and his supporters. They cheer him on as he attacks people, institutions and anyone with the unmitigated gall to challenge his sovereign rule. He is currently in the process of clearing the White House of any any disloyal employees as the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas compiles lists of names of disloyal, i.e. nonpartisan government proffessionals and provides them to the Administration. No worries unless you’re on 5th Avenue or remember the Mc Carthy era. This White House resident has a gun and has…

A Few Things Democrats Need To Accept To Beat #45 In 2020

This election has energized voters. Democrats have resulted in tripping in the worst ways as they want #45 out of office so badly. Hysterics and insults among people with conflicting ideas have become a daily event. Economists and Representatives of nonpartisan organizations have made statements revealing more about their personal views than their organizational mission.
For a variety of reasons everyone has strong opinions about candidates and what will happen if a candidate they dislike gets elected. Some say, "Everyone has a past" dismissing negative facts about their candidate…

Pictured (L. to R.): U.S. Congressional Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley

“I’m woke!” The term “woke” has become the punchline of many a joke among free thinking, politically savvy people in America. It is a guaranteed laugh generator and a sure fire way of endearing yourself in most social groups. It is also another example of how repeated media messaging dilutes the empowering experiences of black and brown people. “Huh? How did this read go left so fast?” I’m glad you asked. Too often you hear media anchors and political professionals use this term to characterize the personality and political expectations of a particular group of people. Accompanying the term are…

1. The Political Establishment

The number of organizations whose role is to influence political leaders continues to increase as well as their budgets. Between non-profit political organizations, corporate lobbyists, government employees and people that spend their lives going from state and local government to influential media and PR positions there are a large group of people responsible for engaging with each other and the media regardless of who is in office. They have become a class of their own no longer representing the average American majority but organizational interests. Unfortunately, they are the primary sources of media reports because of…

Black Lightning, the first comic-book based action-drama on The CW network with a black, male lead differentiates itself from the average fantasy-action show. At a 20,000 foot level it shows what a united family with superpowers can do to make things right in the world, If you haven’t seen a comic book based show you like, I eagerly suggest this one. Here’s why:

  1. It Is Unapologetically Black

This show is based on one of DC Comic’s first black comic book superheroes is chock full of blackness, It depicts the best of black culture with a heavy emphasis on the real…

5 Things to Analyze When #45 Is Delivering A Speech
by Michael Canty

When a President delivers a speech to the nation, supporters and detractors alike listen to hear the truth, his/her vision and how we will proceed as a nation.
Unfortunately after 14,000 near and half truths in addition to outright lies, this President has lost the moral credibility required to convince the public the "what’s next" is in the nation’s interest. They also take other factors into consideration. This article examines 5 of them. 
Note: Teleprompter #45 is different from Press Gaggle #45 and Twitter #45. …

Michael Canty

Race, Culture, Leadership & Passion Coach, Creator of weRwideopen, Politics Is Not A Bad Word, MoviesMusicTV & TodayOnThisDay: Meditations To Live and Love By

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